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Awards & Recognitions

At Little Einsteins Early Learning Center our awards and recognitions are incredibly important as they recognize the hard work and dedication put in by both teachers and students alike as one as a Team. Our preschool has been recognized by the community for its outstanding programs, excellent facilities, and dedicated staff. We have received numerous award for our commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment for young children. We have been awarded the Best Preschool in the Community for the last eight consecutive years and have also received recognition for our contributions to the community through various outreach programs and donations. Our highly trained staff has been recognized for their dedication to early childhood education, and their tireless efforts to ensure that each child receives the best possible learning experience. We are honored to have earned the trust and respect of our community, and we remain committed to excellence in all that we do.

2 Kids outside at LE preschool
Kids drawing on the floor at LE Preschool
Kids drawing on the floor at LE Preschool
Kids drawing on the floor at LE Preschool

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