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Infant,Toddlers and Transitional toddlers.

What great week we had at Little Einsteins! we are enjoying getting to know each other and busy making new friends. We had a beautiful weather this week and we can’t wait to start playing on the grass and the play structure.

We enjoyed our large group time, we sang songs, finger plays and read books.

This week Our songs were: Baa Baablackshee, Row Row, Row.

Our finger play were: One, Two

The children had a great time practicing, listening and coping each other the songs and the finger play. We also continued practicing our sing language; the children are getting the hang of it and are starting to use it.

The children enjoyed our small group times. This week for small group explorations we had, the pom pom drop and the parachute fun and we introduced a new exploration puzzles! These three explorations helped them to strength their fine motor, to problem solve, helped with their hand-eye coordination, and also large and gross motor skills because their attention span is short we will repeat activities for a few weeks but add materials to extend their exploration.

Our work time areas were dramatic, cars and trucks, building, art studio and our new work time center light box where they explore with different material and the effect they have when the light gets them.


-Please make sure to send hats as the weather is getting hot these days during the day.

-It would be wonderful to send your child wearing comfortable clothes and shoes for our Music class!

-We are open Monday half day and closed Tuesday for Meskel celebration!

Next week

Small group explorations

Monday- Art

Tuesday- No school ( Meskel celebration)

Wednesday-Music and Movement

Thursday-Puzzle (early logic and problem solve)

Friday- Pom pom drops (fine motor and Math’s)

Our library checkout days are Tuesday and Friday.

Work time Areas

Cars and trucks, Dramatic play, Art studio,light box and Building.

+251911968881 Negede

Have a wonderful weekend!

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