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Pre-k Weekly Insight

This week at Little Einstein's we enjoyed sharing the toys we brought from home with our friends. It was exciting to learn the new song "Funny Faces" and so hilarious to see the funny faces our friends made!


During large group we continued to learning how to analyze our data and categorised what we each wore everyday. For our math activity we tried several ways to measure our height. We used big boxes, blocks and duplo blocks to help us. We were shocked when we found out that our teacher was 10 blocks tall! We enjoyed exploring in our newly opened centre called the Light box! Students loved analysing different colours and creating designs with the transparent counters!

Phrases from here and there!

"Oh! Wow! I am only four blocks tall"

"Do you know that rocks are really sharp if you cut them. They could really hurt you!"

"I am going to make the biggest pizza for my teacher!"


-Please make sure to send hats as the weather is getting hot these days during the day.

-It would be wonderful to send your child wearing comfortable clothes and shoes for our Music class!

-We are open Monday half day and closed Tuesday for Meskel celebration!

Plans for next week

Monday- Library

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday- Science and Art (Please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes since we are using permanent paint)

Thursday- Math

Friday- Language

Have a great weekend!

Maraki- 0911-48-76-81


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