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Preschool this week.....

Dear Parents,

The preschoolers had a very nice week. We hope you like the Valentines Day cards the Children made.we made a collaborative art work for art. We used pom poms as a paint brush and worked together make our "Monster Dragon".

Large Group

This week's most favorite book was “That's not mine ” while reading we discussed how important it is to be respectful and how sharing is caring. We enjoyed listening to the song “Going on a bear hunt”. We focused mainly on math concepts for our board message.

Small group

As our weekly schedule our small group activities were consisted of journals, math, science, literacy and library. We made Valentines Day card for our friends and family and we also talked about what makes our loved ones happy. For science we talked about animals and their habitat. After reading the different books we distinguished them by their habitat.

Work time

Dramatic play, Space, Jungle, Light box, Sound Wall and Blocks

Next Week

Monday- Journals

Tuesday- Math


Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Library


Monday -Music and Movement

Thursday- Art

Phrases from here and there!

“ I am making this cards for mommy and daddy oh…and my friend Louis”

“ I think bears live in the cave because they are scared.”

“ Elephants only have four tooth? Really? That is very funny but they are big.”


* Due to start of the dry season please pack hat and sunscreen.

* On Thursday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art.

* Please don't forget library folders on Friday for the kids to check out books.

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