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Early pre school

We had a great week at Little Einsteins. Our group is getting bigger and the social relationship is getting stronger everyday. We started to see kids making friends. Holding hands and giving hand to a friend in need is becoming a common thing to see in our large group.

Large group

This week our mornings start with reading books. After that we sit together to read the story of the day. Our favorite books include “Amazing Airplanes” and “little lion Share’s ”. After that the we sing songs like “Elephant have rankles” and “your friends are my friends”

Small group

This week’s small group was very exciting. In our Math activity we had fun sorting different materials respective to colors. For science we experimented materials that float and sink. We provide them with different materials like stones, pom pom, and leaf and they experimented for them self and discuss it with their friends. On fun Friday we make necklaces using beads and fishing wire. The kids were very interested in doing such beautiful necklaces.

Work time

Shopping center, Space, Jungle, Light box, and Sound wall, Water fun

Next week's small group plans

Monday - Science

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Journals

Friday – fun Friday


  • Due to start of the dry season please pack hat and sunscreen.

  • On Mondays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art.

  • Please don’t forget library folders on Wednesday for the kids to check out books.

  • Please be informed that school will be closed starting from Monday 13/3/2017 to Friday 17/3/2017 for spring break


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