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Pre-k Weekly Insight

Dear parents,

We really enjoyed finding Easter eggs with our friends and teachers this week! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday! We welcomed a new student in our class called Zemel!

Small Group

We learned how to balance and help each other out for our cooperative games class. In literacy we learned the middle and ending sounds in words and found out that some words are tricky! Our students have decided that once a week we will have a silly selfie corner! This week was not that silly!

Phrases from here and there!

“Our dinosaur has chicken pox!”

“My bunny has a silly nose”

“Go fast so you wont miss the story!”

Work time

Our students are coming up with ideas to create a museum! This week we researched on the computer.


Monday- library

Wednesday- Art

Tuesday- Music


  • On Wednesdays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art.

  • Please don’t forget library folders on Monday for the kids to check out books.

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