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Pre-k Weekly Insight

Dear parents,

We really enjoyed running around with our friends this week! It’s been a busy week, as we are getting ready for the Art Auction! Hope to see you all on May 13th!

Small Group

This week we had a chance to match and add numbers in our math class. It was really exciting to build models with the magnatiles with the help of the instructions!

Phrases from here and there!

“Look at the dinosaur claws I made! It’s got pointy nails!”

“What are you having for snack? That looks really delicious!”

“ We are not coming to school tomorrow? I am going to miss you!

Work time

Our students have been working very hard in the museum center! Please have a visit to see how far they have come!


Monday- library

Wednesday- Art

Tuesday- Music


  • Please make sure your child has extra clothes for water fun.

  • Please don’t forget library folders on Monday for the kids to check out books.

  • Please make sure to send your child in old clothing on Wednesday for art.

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