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Weekly blog from Infants/toddlers and transitional toddlers

Dear Parents,

It was another full, fun and busy week at little Einstein! Enjoyed playing together and sharing toys. Here is a brief description of how our week went by.

Large group:

We start off our morning by greeting each other and singing songs at large group time. Our theme has been about animals discovering the sounds they make through book, finger plays and songs, which will continue this week as well.

Small Group Exploration:

This weeks small group explorations were, Art where we finished our last art project for our auction. Bubble fun where we all shared our bubble makers and caught bubbles together. We danced to shake the cold weather for our music class. For our Math’s exploration we discovered different colors and transitional toddlers tried sorting by color as they cleaned up. Lastly we traced our bodies and out animals shadow to see how big and small things are a round us.

Work time centers were our famous shopping mall, space, sand box, water fun and museum.

Reminders – no school on Friday May 5th for patriot’s day

  • RSVP for the art auction

  • Sign up for parent teacher conference on may 25th and 26th

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