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Pre k's week.

Dear parents,

We had another short but busy week in pre k. We were excited to have all our favorite centers set up. Also we the teachers are so proud how pre k’s are so interested in the zoo phonics. Besides zoo phonics our large groups also covers small messages of the day and weather. Camping center has been so popular that we talk about it and add new ideas to make it more fun. This week we also started working on our ocean center. We can’t wait for it to be completed.

Quotes from pre k

“ Some plants can eat you in the ocean!”

“When I was a baby my mom and dad yelled at me because I ripped a page then my grand parents shouted at my parents because I ripped pages from a book!!”

“Rainbows are made of beautiful colors and it made when the cloud and rain meet!”

“I am not a silly goose yet because I haven’t done a silly thing yet!”

“I made a rocket ship, it’s launch to the space. And there is a control and there are people in the computer room!”

“ This a map to go to Zanzibar. The yellow one is Japanese, the blue one is Italia, and the red one is France. There is also England and china. there is a sea side and this is Madagascar.”

Next week activities

Small group

Monday- games with rules (balloon tennis)

Tuesday – math (counting cones)

Wednesday- library

Thursday – literacy (journal)

Friday science (magic milk)

Specials Monday – music

Friday - art

Reminders – please return library books on time with folders

  • Put on sun screens and send hats

  • Please send boxes, tissue rolls, glass bottles, Jam jars, Cork and things that can be useful for our centers

  • Fridays make sure they wear old clothes and shoes.

Have a nice long weekend!!

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