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Pre K this week!

Dear parents,

What an amazing week we had in pre k this week.

Our large group was

filled with stories and facts about different countries and more ideas for our centers. Zoo phonics has also been a big part of our large

group and daily challenge, trying to find beginning sounds and discovering words with our favorite letters. Our favorite small group activity was making the magic milk. It was colorful and interesting.

Quotes from pre k

“In my dreams I had rocket ship in my house, I got in and went into space in a new land. When I come back home I woke up.”

“ When I was young I lived in London and my queen smiles always, that’s how important she was.”

“This medals are for losers I got one too when I didn’t win.”

“If the sun was in earth we will melt like ice-cream.”

“In my dreams I always fight with my brother and sister for cheese “

“In my French when you say hello you say Walla”

After break week activities

Monday – light box

Tuesday – math

Wednesday – library

Thursday - literacy

Friday – science

Specials: - Monday – music

- Friday – art


  • next week no school for fall break.

  • Return library books with folder on Wednesdays.

  • old clothes and shoes for Friday since its art.

  • Please send us tissue boxes, rolls, corks, jam jars, plastic bottles e.t.c

Have a wonderful fall break!

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