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Pre-K This Week

Dear parents,

1st week of November has passed with a lot of fun activities and things to be grateful for.

Small Group:

Our small group activities gave us chance to learn why we need to brush out teeth, how to avoid cavities and proper way to brush in science. In math we learned about matching numbers with beads to learn one to one correspondence. Library was full of insightful reading. We had fun matching 3D letters with zoo phonic letters, It was little tricky for most of us since it was our first time. We had a great time learning how to play soccer, baseball/cricket, passing ball. It was so much fun!!

Quote from pre k

“I love my mom more because she does all things with me!”

“My dad needs to learn how to play Golf; he cheated and kept heating his head!”

“Never land is far away, there are pirates, my yoga teacher said to go to my special garden and I go to never land!”

“Submarines go so deep in the water and its like egg rolling… zooming with the repeler.”

Next week activities

Monday – science

Tuesday – math

Wednesday- library

Thursday- literacy

Friday- Cooperative games with Kindergarten class


Mon- Music

Fri- Art

Reminders :- Please put on old clothes and shoes for art on Fridays.

  • Please send Hats, sunglasses and sun screens.

  • Please return library folders on Wednesdays.

  • Please send boxes, corks, jam jars and plastic bottles for arts and crafts.

Have a lovely weekend!!

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