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Early Pre-school this week

Dear parents,

The last week before winter break went amazingly wonderful. We had fun doing activities about the upcoming holiday. We also welcomed a new friend Fei Fei.

Large group

Our large group was fun. we talking about the Christmas and New Year. We also enjoyed drawing on the board and matching of big and small shapes.

Small group

Our theme this week was shapes. We have talked about shapes a lot through out our activities. One of the most exciting part of this week was baking Christmas cookies. The kids enjoyed mixing all the ingredients and making different shape cookies with a cookie cutter.

Work time

The children enjoyed going to the different work time areas. The centers we had for this week were Magnets and Puzzles, Cars and Trucks, Camping and Ocean.

Early preschool Exploration Schedules After the break

Tuesday – Literacy (drawing on the wall)

Wednesday – Science – (mixture with color)

Thursday – Library

Friday – Light box (shape sorting)


  • Please don’t forger to return library folders on Thursday.

  • School will be closed from 18th Dec 2017 to 9th Jan 2018

Have a nice week!!

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Free - +251 921 331 264

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