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Infant, Toddler and Transitional Toddlers Weekly News

Dear parents,

We had a fantastic week at little Einsteins After the long Christmas break. The children are very happy to back at school and see their friends and teacher and enjoy the short week.

In our large group time we sing the BINGO song and our finger play was Head, Shoulder, Knee and Toes. We read book called “My body”.

Small group:This week our small group consists of Art and Music. We explored with Water and soap so the children were very interested and busy to wash the Bike and Cars they were helping each other and dried them up with towels. For Milking The Cow We use some Glove and water and hang on the tree then the children pretend to milk the cow. We has a great time!

Next week plan

Monday - Music

Tuesday- Milk the cow

Wednesday- Art (Painting)

Thursday- Water fun

Friday- Exploring with the Sand


  • On Wednesdays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoe for art.

  • Please pack a hat and sunscreen.

  • Don’t forget to return library folders on Thursday for the kids to check out books.

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