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Early pre school

Dear parents,

We hope you had a wonderful time on your spring break. The kids were very excited about it.

School will be closed on the 6th of April for Ethiopian Good Friday.

Large group

This week’s large group was mainly focused on the spring break. The kids enjoyed talking about the vacation they had over the week. This weeks large group focus was patterns. We who was wearing patterned cloth, or what can we see in the school that have patterns.

Small group

This week’s small group activity includes Math, Literacy, Science, Library and Cooperative games. In Math, we had a lot of fun making patterns with the counting bears, buttons and paper we continued last weeks activity for recall and the kids enjoyed it. In literacy, we matching 3D alphabetical letters, and needs and we try to trace letters with beads. Our science activity was focused on animals, where they live and what they eat. The children were excited to talk about animals.

Next week

Monday – Math (patterns) Tuesday- Literacy

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Library

Friday- Cooperative games


Monday - Art

Wednesday- Music and Movement


  • On Monday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

  • Please don’t forget to return their library folders on Thursday.

  • Due to hot season and unpredictable weather, please don't forget to pack hat, and sunscreen and rain coat in their bags.

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