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The Kindergarten Weekly News

Dear Parents,

We are trilled to be back in school! Everyone was so excited to share to the class where they traveled for spring break! Its nice to be in Ethiopia as we get a chance to celebrate two Christmases,two New Years and two Easters! Happy Easter!!!!

Small group explorations!

This week for Math we tried various ways to create different kind of designs. We later on added additional objects to extend a repeating pattern. We have postponed our Ice Sculpture activity for next week.

For our Literacy class we joined our pre-k friends for journal! We shared some interesting stories about our easter egg hunt!

We love snack time and recess! Here are a few pics from here and there!

Next weeks plans

Mon-Library and Music

Tue- Zoo-phonics

Wed- Math and Art

Thu- Ice Sculptuures

Fri- No school ( Good Friday)

Reminders- We will be starting an Ethiopian themed center starting next week! We will introduce the culture, styles of living and day to day activities of Ethiopia. Please send any worn out traditional materials that can helpful in building our centre!

Have a lovely weekend!

Maraki- 0911-48-76-81 (

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