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Early Pre school

Dear parents,

We had such a fun week. The kids enjoyed their time together in Early Preschool class. This week we welcomed a new friend Aleiana to the group with warm welcome.

We hope you marked your calendar for our 2nd annual art auction on May 12th.

Large group

This week we did most of the things together as a team. As a result while checking all artworks we did all year the kids decided to decorate our large group classroom again. This time the kids decided to put their teamwork in consideration and put artwork they have done previously that represent every individual in the classroom. It was a footprint experience by all the kids and their choice of color (Red and Yellow) made it bright and catchy. Our board activities continued this week too and we are developing pattern-making skills.

Small group.

Math–This week we continued our shape matching activity.

Literacy - We continued our letter matching activity. We had print out letters and the 3D letters. We had fun looking up the shapes of the letters in the light box and talked about the sounds they make.

Science – In science we did amazing job talking about why plants grow so big and we decided to plant a seeds. So we planted some beads and to see if they are going to grow.

Cooperative games – This week we played Duck Duck Goose, Bug on the Rug and musical dot.

Next week

Monday- Math (Measurment, how tall am I)

Tuesday- literacy (3D letters and Playdough)

Wednesday- Science (planting our own)

Thursday- Library (read and check out books)

Friday- light box (Light box and water)


Monday - Art

Wednesday- Music and Movement


  • On Monday please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

  • Please don’t forger to return and check out new books because its library day.

  • School will be closed on Tuesday May 1 for Labor day

Have a nice Holiday

Henock and Free

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