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Preschool and Early Pre-K

Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful week as we welcomed two new friends to our group, Adem and Saeed. Just as reminder Wednesday September 25th school will be half day and on Thursday September 26th school will be closed for Meskel celebartion.

The children had enjoyed there circle time togehter as they sang different songs and took time reading different books for each other and with there teachers.

The children had fun time for small group explorations. the children started doing there journals this week which was really exciting for as they took turns sharing the stories they drew on there journals.

Next week plans

Monday- Cooperative games

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Library


Monday- Music

Wednesday- Art


Please make sure to send extra clothes and shoes for our messy activities.

Please remember to send Library folders on Fridays' for check outs.

Please make sure to send Boots and Jackets for the rainy weather.

Have a Great Weekend!

Miraf +251 921 259 175

Tesfaey +251 920 505 243

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