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Isn’t it beautiful to see the neighborhood outside your window on Wednesday night?

I love the whole scenery,

the view of burning bonfire every 10 meters, the people

dancing around it with full of laughter and even the smell of the smoke, So much beauty! One of the blessings of being an expat family is to show that diversity to your children and for them to show their identity in those areas where they move to.

Making memories with loved ones!

This week has been a lot more fun to enjoy the Meskel party while continuing our expedition. We continued discovering our physical and natural world, what capture our interest is still the natural world. Especially the bugs, insects, and leaves. We were interested in how each bug and insect have different ways to move. Some have lots of legs and some don’t even have legs and still managed to move. Some of us were also scared to touch them but we overcome our fear when we see our friends were fine after touching them.

Our math this week focused on how much can be in a set. So we hang numbers 1-20 and had a bunch of dots. The plan was to put as much dots as in those specific numbers.

It was so much fun. Some of us worked together with our friends. It was super easy on the first couple of numbers but as the numbers came up it was challenging so we decided to continue this next week. They do say practice makes you perfect.


  • Please send your kids with pants or shorts on Thursdays for gymnastics.

  • Please return library folder every Thursday.

  • Please send sun screen and hats.

Have a wonderful weekened!!

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