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Early Pre-school this week

Dear parents

We had such a fun week!


Large group

Our large groups this week had been filled with lots of conversations about things we remember from past experience. Conversations include “I went to the beach with mommy and daddy” “I like dinosaurs and I have them at home”. But one of the highlights of the week was how we helped each other to solve problems on our board.


Small Group

Math – Developmentally our kids already know how to match similar shapes. Now they are trying to name every shape they see. So we continued our shapes hunt activity on the sandbox. We went out looking for hidden shapes on the sandbox and we talked about naming the shapes and how they are different from one another.

Science –Our experiments helped us test our ideas and help us make predictions. So this week we went to our experimenting room to test one of our ideas and experiment. We mixed shaving cream; sand, color, and aluminum foil together and tried to see ‘what dissolves’. The sand, the shaving cream, and the food coloring were mixed together. But the kids were fascinated to see how the aluminum foil went out so clean when we were done with our excrement and how it didn’t dissolve with any of the other materials.



Art – this weeks art activity was about our favorite people. We used our favorite colors, our favorite size paper, our favorite brushes and talked about why we are drawing our favorite people.

Music and movement – we enjoyed our music session by singing our favorite songs. The kids also enjoyed Yonas’s (the gymnastics instructor) companionship and work hard to strush their body and practice their splits.


Next week

Monday- Math (decorating our class with shapes)

Tuesday - Science (sink and floats)

Wednesday - Library

Thursday- cooperative games

Friday- literacy (drawing letter like forms)



• On Thursdays please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes for art. It could get messy.

• Due to unknown weather conditions, Please pack both hot and cold weather clothes and gears

• Don’t forget to bring library folders on Wednesdays.

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