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Infants, Toddlers and Transational Toddlers

Dear Parents,

It was another amazing week at Little Einsteins.,we wanted to celebrate a different set of Family day this year. For the first time in LE history, we are doing Halloween themed family day starting from 3:00pm-6:00 pm. The children want us to encourage thier parents to have a coustume.

The children are having a great time. We enjoyed our large group time, we sang a songs finger play and read books.

This week for the small group we did Music, Art, Making Mummy, Feeding the pumpkin and Washing toys. For art this week we do have good fine motor skills by squashing, Rolling and make flatten the play dough to make a different kind of shape and a lot of animals with it. Making a craft for Halloween we made mummy by using toilet paper roll, glue, sticker eyes, and cotton.

For washing toys, the children are busy to wash our kitchen staffed like Plates, Cubs, Pans, Spoon, and bottles by using the sponge, water, and soap to make it clean.

For music and movement, we sing a song and the children are following simple music course like Moving hand up and down snapping their fingers, make eyes go blink, move eyebrows go up and down etc.…. We also exploring with a different kind of musical instrument and the children was having more enthusiasm.

Next Week plan ​​

Monday- Balloon fun

Tuesday-Feeding the pumpkin Wednesday-Painted the fabric

Thursday- Making scary hand for Halloween

Friday-Trying the tissue


Every Wednesday please make sure your childwears old clothes and shoe for art class.

•We send out library books on Wednesdays’ please make sure to send it back on time.

•Due to the dry and windy weather please pack a hat for your children.

Infant, Toddler and T/ Toddler Team

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