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Pre-K Weekly Insight

Dear Parents,

We hope you had nice week. Pre-k’s spent a week learning while having fun. We are still working personalizing our large group/ Library class by making drawings and adding more pillows. We also made a new shopping list that includes Flower pots, shinny stickers and also door stopper.

We enjoyed having snack on our new benches. The children also suggested doing outside activities by the bench too! What a great idea!

We started a new project called 'Ocean and beach center' its a work in progress. the children have a long list of plans for the center and it still keeps coming. On this note we kindly ask you to lend or donate some Swimming suits, Goggles, Sun Glasses, Sandals, and sunscreen that you run out of or not in use anymore we would love to have it to set up the center.

We are proud to announce that next Friday (Dec7) will be the grand opening of our bookstore! You are all invited to come and celebrate the success of our Authors!

What we did this week....

Monday: this week’s science was all about hearing!! We had a discussion about our ears and what it does. They all agreed that we all have different size of ears as we are all different and Negede’s is a little bit bigger than theirs Noah also said “Its big so you can hear bigger.” After our discussion we worked on matching sounds where we cover a cup with different materials from school with one color and match the sound with another.

Noah W. “ I can’t hear anything maybe its just air inside.”

Camilla “ I think your cup has lots of beads, its very loud.”

Seven “It’s a rock. I am sure!”

Tuesday: we worked on shape puzzle. It was so exciting we made our own puzzle in our class then worked individually to find the puzzle pieces. We also helped each other when we faced tricky one’s.

Wednesday was our tracing day. We enjoyed tracing our own names and also worked on tracing different shapes. The shapes included zigzags, curves and flowerpots. It was a challenge for us when we got to the second page as our hands started to feel tired.

Thursday: this is one of our favorite days as we enjoy different stories and pictures in the library. The books we chose included science and art books.

Friday: Journal day is a time for all of us to take our time to write, draw and scribble our stories. They enjoy taking turns to listen to some real and some interesting imaginative stories. We took some time to ask questions and make comments and suggestions on our journals.

Next Week Plans

Monday- Science (focuses on our five senses)

Tuesday- Math (shape puzzle of our own)

Wednesday- Literacy (Zoo-phonics)

Thursday- Library

Friday- Journals( sharing stories)


Thursday: Music and Movement

Tuesday: Art


Tuesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wears their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities could get messy!

Since its a sunny season please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Thursday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Have a nice weekend!

Negede, Halefom and Eyrus

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