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Early preschool

Dear parents,

The Christmas spirit is upon us! We enjoyed this past week celebrating the love we had to one another.

This week’s large groups involved talking about our Christmas experiences, making the classroom decorations and singing Christmas songs.

We also talked about how friendships are important and what we feel about this Christmas holiday sesion

Small group activities were also Christmas themed. We enjoyed making Christmas tree, icicles, and snow to decorate our classroom.

We also continued our science project and finally, we decided to plant the seeds that we sprouted. We are looking forward to seeing the progress after the break.

One of the sweet things we did was giving out gift cards to our friends. We enjoyed decorating cards with glitter, decorations and drawing our favorite stories.

Just as reminder school will be closed form 24th of December 2018 to January 11th, 2019.

Have great holiday!

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