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Pre-k and Kindergarten News

Today is the last day of the term. We hope you enjoyed our news and notes as we put a lot of detail in each and every one to inform you of all our weekly activities. As the holidays are coming up we hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with good memories.

The income acquired from our bookstore sales totaled to an astonishing 529 birr. Pre- k and kindergarten students decided to purchase some fruits and some cookies. As big-hearted, as our students were they planned to serve it at snack time with all our friends.

Our winter break camp will start on Monday, December 24’Th. The winter camp will last for three weeks. The activities in our winter camp are mostly of fun in nature and educational.

What happened this week?

Our week started with a discussion about Christmas. We planned to exchange post cards on our small groups. So after our plans were made we started on making post cards made of collage.

It was Ruby’s last day of school. All her friends including the staff were sad to see her leave. On our small group we worked on some collage on a big paper. We attached three pictures of our classroom members on a big cardboard and decorated with all kinds of decorations at our art room. Ruby made some small post cards for her friends and teachers.

Anne made postcards for all her classmates and friends. Anne also brought ginger bread cookies. We shared the delicious ginger cookies made by Anne! We then went on to prepare our fruits and cookies we bought from our bookstore revenue. After the preparation was complete we served it out side near our eating area.

On friday we all got busy making christmas cards for eachother. the Pre-k's made cards for the kindergarteners and vise versa.

We wish you a great holiday!

Pre-k and Kindergarten Team

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