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Pre-K & Kindergarten News

We welcome you to the new term. We have welcomed new students to our community. We had a great winter camp where we had very fun and educational activities that involved cooking, outdoor games, music, and art.

We started our large group by sharing how we spent our holidays. Camilla told us she went to Italy and had a wonderful time.

Anna said” me, Hella and Julieta went to Madagascar and stayed in a big house in front of the ocean.” Leon and Noah were discussing the countries of their origin. Leon showed Noah Kenya on the map and Noah tried to show Leon South Africa.

What we did this week

Our topic for the day was math. We revised what 3-D shapes are and later on went out on a scavenger hunt for the 3-D shapes. We talked about all the shapes we found in our school compound and tried to match them to our 3-D shapes.

Our small group activity started with a discussion about the big celebration coming this Friday and Saturday.

We chatted about the celebration of Temket. The students were really amazed when we told them that the roads will be closed and people will be going out wearing beautiful traditional clothes!

We explored with Zoo-phonics for literacy class. Each student took six letters and explained to the whole class the story and sound of each animal and had a lot of fun doing it.

Happy Temket!

Pre-k and Kindergarten Team

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