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Early Preschool Insight

Another week passed by and we were excited to see the kids so eager to continue perusing their ongoing investigations.

Large group

This week we had the most interesting large groups filled with lots of conversations and shared experiences. In our circle time, we took around 5 minutes to talk about our experiences on different issues. Through those discussions, we developed our confidence to speak respectfully among a group of friends. We also developed our social skills, speech quality, and communication skills. We also enjoyed singing songs and books. We read our favorite book “The feeling book” and sing our favorite song “Apples and Bananas songs.”​

Small Group

Math – This week in our math sessions we went outside for Numbers hunt. The kids were curious to find hidden numbers and call out their names.

Literacy – We practiced zoo-phonics. This week we include the sounds of the letters along with the storyline and the names. Some kids tried to remember their names and the sounds they make. We also practiced our writing skills by tracing different shapes.

Science – It was so sad to see the plants that we had grew getting brown and looking dead. We figured there was a problem with the container or the set up of the room. So we have seceded to take the plants to the garden and planted to give it a second chance so in our science class this week we took our plants outside and planted them in the garden. We are looking forward to seeing the developments.

Next week

Monday- Math (number understanding)

Tuesday- science (we care for our plants)

Wednesday- Library

Thursday-Zoo phonics

Friday- literacy (story telling)

Have a great week!

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