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Early Preschool Insight

This week’s updates

  • We are happy to announce Yamlak and Alexander are going to the next age group (Preschool/Early Pre K) Starting from next week. In the next group they will be exposed and challenged in advanced curricular aspects. We wish them well in their journey. The kids were so excited to be a part of a new group and they talk about it the whole week.

  • This week’s large groups were focused on having a respectful conversation with our friends and teachers. In circle time we took time to share ideas and thoughts with our friends and we are learning to take time to listen to our friend’s opinions. We are also progressing in gathering our thoughts and presenting it in front of our friends. our speaking skills are developing very well. Our messages on the boards includes attendance in the form of data representation, math challenges on numbering, and geometry, letter understanding and writing skills developments and also social connection boosts in the form of storytelling.

  • Our math activity took us to counting again. This week we used number beads and number flags. We ask the kids numbers they can recognize from the flags and count the same amount of beads to put it on the number flags. We used numbers from 1 to 14 so we can challenge kids in advanced way. Next week we are planning to continue our number understanding activities with tissue roll and different counting materials like colored coins, pompoms, and small balls.

  • Our literacy activity was the highlight of the week. We make dough with the kids and traced on Zoo-phonics letters. We planned this activity to align with our art session, which was painting the dough after it dry. We used flour, oil and water to make our dough and the kids did most of the mixing. But since we started making the dough from scratch, the activity took longer time. So we decided to finish it in art, we had such a great time tracing the zoo phonics letters while having a conversation about the names, the story about the letters and the sounds they make.

Our science activity was about planting. Last week we talked about planting carrots for the rabbits. This week we tookthe kids outside to find suitable place for our carrot garden. After choosing the spot we talked about how we can plant the carrot seeds and the kids suggested we should dig a hole. We are planning to plant the carrots next week after we facilitate the spot.

Have a great week.

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