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Dear parents,

Our family day is coming up. We have been preparing on a great theme of the environment. We have chosen the environment and we will be doing gardening and working on our oceans center with our parents and students. We all hope you come and enjoy family day with our students on Saturday 9th of March starting from 11 am.


Our main concentration in math was counting using different toys. We started by putting toys. After we had a set of toys we all began our activity by putting our toys on our table formats. We assigned toys for each column and row. We then started counting each row and column. We also tried to count the total number of toys on our table.


Our activity was mainly concentrated on tracing different kinds of shapes. We started with our activity with by practicing letters on our whiteboard.

We then went out and practiced our tracing on the different shapes that would give us focus and practice when trying to write letters.


Our Art project continued on our "day and night ocean canvas " painting project. The project for our week was working on Marine life, which consists of and made the ocean.

As we did last night, we separated to night and day ocean teams. On our night ocean we all planned to do the following; Seven said “ill paint a shark”, Noha “I will draw a surprise” Jessi “ ill draw a flower in the ocean” Andre said “ill draw a submarine ”and Leon went on and said “ I will draw an octopus.” After we made our plan, we all took time and worked on our painting.

Thank you and have a good weekend. And get ready for our family day, which is going to be fun and exciting for both our staff and our students.

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