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Infants adn Toddlers

Dear Parents,

What an amazing week we had! It was a lot of fun seeing the children excited about the rabbits we got from Genesis Farm this week, the children tried to get their attention by saying “Hello” and feeding them Cabbage, Grass and Carrots, which was really amazing to see. We haven’t named them yet as it is hard to choose from the list of name that the children have been listing.

Large Group

This week the children had a fun time talking about our family day that’s on this Saturday (March 9th) and the things we are going to show our parents.

Small Group

This week for small group we had Feed the fish, Making jelly fish and Gardening. As a continuation from our last week activity exploring with things we find in our garden, we had planting the seed activity(gardening).

The children had a fun time, we started our activity by reading the small seed book so that the children could see what plants need to grow up big and strong. Then each got a cup from their caregivers, then they put small pieces of cotton in their cups. Following they put some water in their cup so that they make the cotton moist then they each dropped two bean seeds in the cup. After that we put on our window so that they can get enough sun light. For the next couple of weeks, the group will be checking on the seeds we planted to see their change.

This week for art we had an amazing time. We had a canvas on the spread out on a table.

Then we put drops of different coloured paint all over the canvas then covered it with plastic, then we had the children spread it out with their hands. The really enjoyed the fact that they could see the paint but it was not coming on their hands.


Every Wednesday, please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoe for art class. We send out Library books on Wednesdays’; please make sure to send it back on time.

Due to the dry and windy weather, please pack a hat for your children if you have any questions feel free to contact us during school hours.

Have a nice weekend!

Infants, Toddlers, and transitional Toddlers Team!

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