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Pre - K News and Notes

Dear parents,

We would like to thank you for your warm participation on our family day. We all had loads of fun. Our gardening projects are an on-going activity on our large group. Our bookstore soled a lot of books written by our students and published by little Einsteins’. And our Ethiopian centre, which hosted a lot of parents with our traditional coffee and clothes, is also in our work time program. We have a new member and Xi Xi and we would like to him to our Pre–K group. Here are a few pictures from our family day.

We would like to remind our parent that we offer gymnastics classes every day after school starting from 3:30PM to 4:30 PM. The session costs 250 birr per day. We would like to invite you to our classes after the spring break. All you have to do is inform us (via text, phone call or email) on which day you want to come and join us. It would be fun and useful for you to engage with your child in our environment and understand what we do in person. We will be glad to have you here!


We started our discussions on our primary colours that continued from the previous week. We then went out to experiment. On our experiment we divided in to two groups.

Where one group consisting of: Marlow, Camilla, Xi Xi and Isheja tried to mix Yellow and Red. The second, with Noah, Seven and Andre tried to mix Red and Blue. After steering our solutions Noah said, “it didn’t change” and Andre replied, “ya it didn’t change” so we tried to use tissue paper to observe on a better contrast. And we all saw our mixture of Red and Blue gave a colour of Green. The mixture of Red and Yellow on the other hand didn’t change. And Marlow said “Maybe it’s because it’s got a lot of Red colour and a little Yellow”. And we then saw how a little dip of the tissue paper in the colour mixture is absorbed to the tissue that was not dipped. And we all were exited and tried to dip apart of a tissue paper in colour mixtures and see how it is absorbed.


We continued our counting activity from the previous week. We used different coloured bids and used our spreadsheet.

So we started by putting two of the same coloured bids in one square and continued to count. By doing this we doubled the amount of bids and counted as much. We counted the bids with our friends and we compared how much our friends had on their sped sheet.


We began our literacy class by going to our sand box. We had hidden some letter in the sand box. To our friends surprise the class was about exploring the sand box for letters and making the beginning sounds of letter of each letter we found and sharing with our friends. After some letters were discovered some of them had a hard time finding letters and smartly asked for advice on here to dig and we gave them directions. They found all the letters and had a lot of fun in doing so.


We started on a new art project. For our new project we had a collage team and a painting team. Our pre k team started with a collage of items we could find in our compound on our canvas and we came up with finding fallen leaves and other items on the ground. After collecting some items we started making our collage.

We had a hard time sticking some of the items we found. And our canvas w snort as full as we had hoped. Noah came up with the idea of collage with paint on it as we saw some of our friends were painting. So for our coming week we planned to add paint and possibly some more items to stick on our canvas.


We also would like to let you know that our after-school program for gymnastics with Mr. Yonas is still available if you want to sign up for your kid.

Specials and Next Week Plans! (March 25th- 29th)

Monday- science

Tuesday- Art and Writing

Wednesday- literacy

Thursday- Music, Gymnastics and library

Friday- journal

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