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Preschool and Early Pr-K


Once again we would like to say thank you to all who participated in our family day. We had so much fun. We asked the kids what they thought of the event, and they all loved it. They gave us comments for next family day! Our week was full of fun and fruitful in our group.

During small group

Tag war Monday; we changed our plan from journal to cooperative

​game this Monday. Since we planned to do puppets show on the same week and since its similar to what we have planned with the journal about storytelling, we said to our selves why not ”Tag war” we divide them into two groups with four kids on each team, and we went outside with a big winning face!! After we explained how to play the game, they played it with full of energy and they had so much fun. Both teams won!!

Next Monday; it will be journal time, we promise not to change it!!

Weighting Tuesday; after we finished about measuring height, we had a plan about weighting, but we mixed other activities about numbers and counting for sometimes. This week we had an introduction to weight. There were light and heavy materials, which they weight with scales and another scale we made using cloth hanger. They used different materials like stone, paper, sponge and so on.

Next Tuesday; we are planning to repeat the weighting activity with different materials.

Habitat Wednesday; as we have mentioned last week, we have been

making habitats and last week we finished doing our Deseret and Forest. This week we made snow (ice) for our snow animals.

Next Wednesday: we are done with our three habitats and one to go! We will be doing ocean habitats next week.

Puppet Thursday; what a super fun day it was! It was full of laughter as we had our puppet show for the second time. Even one, our friend, suggested we should call Thursday “puppet show Thursday” and said we should have it every Thursday! And from their stories, here are some

Alex: “it is all about a snake and a bird, and the snake eat the bird and fall in the ground!”

Melo: “ it was about the lion eating the princess!”

Helle: “the lion didn’t like the princess so eat her!”

Next Thursday; we will be exploring with Zoo-Phonics as we have friends, which we wanted to work on to refresh their memory.

On our special

Art; we are almost done with our stars for our Nighttime. Last week they wanted to cut star shapes to make the stars so it can look an actual star, and this week they cut out the stars and stick it in our Nighttime. They wanted to make two moons in one of our Nighttime, but we will talk about it first.

Gymnastics and Music; we played with musical dots; Mr. Yonas made different shapes with the musical dots so they can jump like bunnies!!


Mon- Music

Wed- Art


Dear parents, we would like to invite you to our classes after the spring break. All you have to do is inform us ( via text, phone call or email) on which day you want to come and join us. It would be fun and useful for you to engage with your child in our environment and understand what we do in person. We will be glad to have you here!

We also would like to let you know that our after-school program for gymnastics with Mr. Yonas is still available if you want to sign up for your kid.

Wednesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wear their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities get messy!

Friday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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