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pre k news and notes

Dear parents

Our week was filled with fun and exciting activities. Our art canvas is on display for all our friends in our compound.


In our previous activity we discussed the primary colors and experimented with them. We observed that when primary colors were mixed they gave different new colors. Camilla wanted to freeze our experiment for the next week. We were all exited to find our experiments frozen. We tried to add colors on one of our frozen color mixtures, but we couldn’t stir it. We observed that solid things couldn’t be mixed with liquids. We continued our experiment with the colors that came after mixing secondary colors. Seven said “we get new colors every time we add different colors.” we all had our own cups to experiment with. We then exchanged different colored cups with our friends.


Our fun games with the letters started with finding missing let​ters on the board. We continued our activities by using zoophonic letters. We each took five letters and stood in front of our friends while showing the letters.

We gave turns to our friends to make sounds of each letter and tried to make words using the letters. Our final activity was a game that we played using songs and our zoophonic letters. We spread our letters on a matt and we all stood on one letter. When the song was paused I would make the beginning sound of the letters and we would look for the letters on our matt and collect the right letters.


Our activities were a continuation of counting and sorting different colors. Some of our friends wanted to work together. So we took partners and started sorting our colors on the counting table. We counted our colors on each table. Some of our friends took turns counting and sorting. When we were finished with our game, we switched them with our friends. Cleanup was part of our activity as we all counted and put our toys away.


Our art canvas project is done together with kindergarten friends. The canvas we started working on was a collage with paint. We notice some of the dry leafs we have stuck to our canvas were too dry and didn’t look as we expected. Andre said “maybe we could go out and get new leafs.” So we went out and collected many leafs and suck them to our canvas. We then got paint and tried to spread it on our canvas. Noah with a big smile said “this is a masterpiece!!”

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