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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

We had an amazing week! This week the children welcomed a new friend to the group, named Hugo. We are excited to see our group growing!

This week before large group the children had a fun time playing “pass the ball”, which was a sharing game. Afterwards we cleaned the balls, we used the toilet and washed our hands and went to our large group room.

This week for large group we had different songs, but we didn’t read a book because the children were really interested in singing songs. Our favourite song this week was ‘this is big, big, big’. The song was about different sizes, height and speed, which the children really enjoyed.

And for small group this week we had art, music, color sorting, “big and small” and texture filling.

For arts this week we continued with our project from the previous week, just to recap, last week we used different types of pasta and we painted with four different colors (red, blue, green and yellow), so this week we had the children choose where they wanted to stick the pasta, if they wanted to do it on paper or canvas. The children chose paper, so every child chose the one color paper they want and they stuck the pasta on the paper of their choice.

And another of our activities was big and small. This activity was about the two basic sizes. So for this activity we had a clear box full with different materials of different sizes, for example we had a big and small green ball, a big and small wooden block and so forth. So at the beginning of the activity we sat in a circle and we took the similar materials out of the box, we showed the materials to the children and asked them which one was big and which was small. After that we gave a chance to the children to pick things out from the box, which they thought were similar. We had a lot fun with this activity.

We would like to ask you to rate us on google. You will find us by typing in google search Little Einsteins Addis. We really appreciate your feedback! P.S Please contact your child's teacher in case you don't find us.

Next week


Tuesday-Texture Feeling


Thursday-Jars and Leads

Friday-Sink and Float


Every Wednesday, please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoe for art class. We send out Library books on Wednesdays’; please make sure to send it back on time.

Have a nice weekend!

Infants, Toddlers, and transitional Toddlers Team!

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