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Kindergarten Weekly News

Hope you had a fun and interesting week! It’s great to be back after a long holiday. The students shared how they spent their short vacation with their peers. Hope you enjoyed the celebration with some Doro and Tej!

Week in review

Word wall

This week for our language class we continued exploring with our popular word wall exploration. We went over what we did the past few weeks and got to work. This time the students divided each letter among them and began writing with the help of their cards. They helped each other out by identifying each sound in the word. After they figured out the sounds, they wrote them on the word wall.


‘This one is tricky! Let me try again’. – Anne

‘If there are two ‘O’s in a book, do we read it like a book?’- Julieta


Another fun day with our pre-k friends! This week’s games included “can you put it in?” “The three-leg race” and “I can walk with my hands!”

Can you put it in: We had four bowls of water on a table and gave each student a small plastic ball. They stood on a yellow line and tried several attempts to put the ball in!

The three-leg race: in this station, the students picked a partner to complete the race. We then tied their legs with a scarf. They had to walk together to the finish line!

I can walk with my hands: This was the most popular one among the games this week! Students completed the race by walking on their hands! I know, sounds tricky, right?! A teacher held both of their legs, and they walked with their hands.


We explored with Magic milk for our science activity. Everyone had a plate that contained milk. We chose different colors to drop on our plate. After stroking gently using toothpicks we each got beautiful color mixtures.

All our friends shared their amazing outlines. After sharing our predictions of what might happen if we added soap on it, we dropped soap on each plate, and we observed each color mixture expanding in all direction, and we were all amazed.


During our large group, the students were interested in many kinds of animals. The inspiration came from their recent travel. They wanted to explore more in the art room. After thoroughly thinking about the colors to use, they got to work!

Next Week Plans

Monday- Library & Word wall

Tuesday- Art & Science

Wednesday- Math

Thursday- Games with Miraf

Friday- Handwriting

Have a nice weekend!


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