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It was another educational and fun-filled week! The Kindergartners class enjoyed their Large Group, Small Group, and Work Time activities.

We sent the invitations to our Annual Art Auction Event, which will be on May 25th — looking forward to seeing you all celebrate with us what your child has worked on throughout the school year! Make sure you bring your checkbook with you!

Reminder- We will be having our Parent/Teacher Conference on May 27th and 28th. Please make sure to schedule a time and date with your child's teacher.

Week in review

Language: We are almost done with our word wall. The students have worked on the letters from M-Z. They noticed that letter x is a bit tricky to work on. We will be researching next week to find words that start with the letter X.

We had two language classes this week. We got together with our pre-k friends to make slime letters! It was Anne idea to make the slime. She saw it at a birthday party and wanted to share it with her friends! We used flour, glue, water, and food color for the mix.

I can read tip: You can have your child identify an ending sound of a word on the page with a something in the picture that has the same ending sound.


Back on popular demand, we explored with our erupting volcano experiment. This time we had the big Coca-Cola bottle to explore. The face on our students was priceless as they witnessed the massive explosion!

Games: The students and teachers loved playing musical chairs; three-leg race and hopping like a bunny. Hopping like a bunny was so fun because we had to be inside a sheet and hop to the finish line. We also enjoyed playing the three-leg race as we tied both our legs to a friend and walked quickly while balancing each other.

Art: While we were working on our shades of a color project, we wanted to make our next projects shape trickier. We sat down the next day to plan and brainstorm.

Many exciting ideas were brought up. Among them was to make the art size big. We noticed that the artworks were usually the same size, so we wanted to try something different.

For our first session, we used duck tape and a few bowls to create a variety of shapes. We also wanted to try different shades of color to paint.

Mixing different colors was such an enjoyable experience! We enjoyed the process and learned a lot of new things. We combined different colors; we got Lavender, Mustard yellow, Seafoam green, and Maya blue.

Once we completed painting the shapes, we put out to dry in the sun. We planned to paint the circles in the coming week using a ruler and small paintbrushes. After completing our mural, we splashed different colors for the finishing touch.

Have a great weekend!

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