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Early Preschool Insight

Dear parents,

We had a great week. We welcomed Hatcher after a long Vacation and he was happy to be back too! Art Auction is on the 25th of May. We hope to see you.

This week’s large groups were filed with activities and different tasks. On Wednesday we fixed the broken books using tape. The idea comes from Celeste when she noticed a few the piled up broken books in our class. In the process we talked about how it’s important not break a book and how we can handle books gently. On Friday we took turns to choose our favorite song to sing along with our friends.

Apart from this activities, we read books, sing hello songs, and we talked about morning message.

Small groups

Math Monday – we continued our pattern making skills and the children challenged themselves by making AABBAABBAABB patterns.

Literacy Tuesday – on literacy Tuesday we look at all the zoo-phonics letters and went through all of by exploring their name, story and sounds.

Journals Thursday – on our journal day the kids come up with the most amazing stories and shared it with their friends. here are some stories.

Nolawi – “There was a big monster and there was a house and the monster broke the house when they were playing.”

Hazel “This is the castle and the green one is the crown for the king and the monster is coming to get the crown from the king.

Celeste – “This is daddy, the other one is mommy. The purple on is the house and there is airplane and mommy and daddy are using the airplane to get to home.

Art – one of the most fun activities this week was Art. We made decorations for the Art Auction using paint and artificial Rose flower leaves. Children enjoyed getting their hands messy to create the different color of Roses by dipping them into paint.

Have a great weekend!

Henock Liya and Martha

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