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Pre-K and Kindergarten Weekly Updates

We had a fun and exciting week at Little Einsteins. Our pet rabbits have given birth to seven cats. On that note, did you know baby bunnies are called cats? Due to unforeseen circumstances, we lost the first-born babies as they didn’t make it and here are a few things our students had to say about the missing babies.

Andre: ‘She put them back in her stomach.’

Noah: ‘She can’t do that!’

Marlow: ‘They went to the farm; I know because Negede told me.’

Week in review

Our small group activity for math was making patterns. We all wanted to work on different patterns. Noah and Andre wanted to make AABAAB patterns using different colored dinosaur toys. Isheja, Marlow, and Leon used different colored fish and animal toys. Sun and Jessi worked on the ocean animal toys and made different and complex patterns. Anne and Julieta wanted to come up with complex patterns and drew them using differ colored crayons.

During our art auction event, Sun asked his mother to show his teacher what he had been working on at home. He created his version of the world map on a big white construction paper. He asked if it was ok to do it again in school with his friends. He was happy with the answer he got and went home after the party. As soon as he got to school on Monday, he went to the art studio to get the materials needed for the project and took them to the classroom. When it was time to transition to our class, he gathered his friends and explained what they would be doing. He split the group into two, and they all got to work.

Our literacy activity for the week was a Puppet show. The teachers told a short, funny, and educational story titled ‘The race of bunny and the turtle’ using puppets. The best way to get all our friends involved was to give everyone a puppet to tell a story and share what is on their mind. Fiona had a frog puppet. She told our friends ‘I am very trusty, but I can’t find any water!’ all her friends gave alternatives for her frog’s problem

Noah: ‘Maybe he can jump to the river and get water.’

Fiona: ‘I can’t jump that far!’

Andre: ‘We could bring the water from the bathroom!’

After a few ideas, the frog was happy and so were all of us. Marlow followed the conversation by offering big cardboard that could be used as a puppet showplace.

Our journal Friday had a bit of a twist. Noah will be traveling for the summer, and all our friends wanted to make him a postcard. Here are a few of what our friends planned to make for Noah:

Andre: ‘I know you like cars, so I’m going to make you a race car!!’

Jessi: ‘I make him a flower.’

Sun: ‘did you know big planes have six engines! I make a big plane for him.’

Anna: ‘I will make him a sunset and an airplane.’

After we worked on our big project, a few of us saved some time to draw. Anne and Julieta worked on creating a computer using different papers while Jessi and Fiona worked on making a bag.

Have a great weekend!!

Kindergarten and Pre-K team!

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