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Preschool and Early Pre-K Updates


It is almost the end of our school year. We are very excited to see our kids grow up in many ways, and it’s a little bit sad for us to say goodbye to some of our kids. It was a fun week as one of our kids discovered the baby rabbits; all seven of them! And he was so curious when he couldn’t find them the next day, he asked one of his teacher where they went and his teacher asked him what he thinks, he comes up with a conclusion that they went to visit their grandparents!!

During our small group

Next Monday: hunting Zoo-Phonics

Next Tuesday: math with cheerios and deck cards

Shadow hunts Wednesday: This week we went to our science to explore more about shadows. As it was a continuation from last week, we wanted to give them a different place and material to expand their ideas. The activity took place in our science room where we made the room dark because last time the source of light was the sun and we wanted to know what other sources of light we can use.

Most of them came up with Generator!! Before we began the activity, we recalled together and asked them what they remembered from last weeks exploration. They all remembered pretty much everything!We used flashlight and candle, and as they explored, they made different shapes, and saw how their shadow size changed as they moved closer to the torch and when they went farther away.

Next Wednesday: lava with colors

Dates and cards Thursday: what yummy math we had this Thursday! And we would like to give our big thanks to Mrs. Hodane for the dates she provides for us! This week we divided into our class groups and we explored with a deck of cards and dates. We gave them numbers on a plate; they picked as many dates based on the number of the plates and whenever they got it right they get to eat the dates, which turned out to be a friendly competition to get as many dates as possible. The deck cards was another fun math game they enjoyed; we turned it into a guessing game where they fliped the cards without showing the numbers until one of their friend said “stop” and he/she has to guess the number. They requested to play the cards again, and we will explore along with our math activity next week.

Next Thursday: a cooperative game with kindergarteners

Have a nice weekend!

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