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Early Pre-k and Pre-k February Update

Monthly Update

The privilege of being a teacher is that we get to witness children's growth in different areas. Our groups are growing physically, emotionally, and sometimes get surprisingly smarter than us, the teachers! We can say we are successful with the projects we started, which is about the solar system. We are excited to have our solar system in the school! One of the major exciting events in our school this month was the trip to Zoma Museum. It was an unforgettable memory.

The areas we have been working on during large were, sounding letters, blending words to read like CVC (consonant vowel consonant, words like cat, sit, bet, dug, and pot) worked on months of the year and days of the week.

Small group Exploration

Math: shapes and patterns are our main areas besides counting. We have been exploring with patterns using different materials, counting bears, and worksheets. We explored with a different types of shapes and how to count their sides. We will be doing more on patterns shapes and counting for the next month.

Literacy: one thing we introduce to them in our literacy is writing. We talked about the left and right hands, which direction we should begin when writing, the tree lines to write on, and so on. We will be doing more on that, and we have done worksheets to help them understand more. Blending words with the help of CVC is going well.

Science: since we are done with the solar system, we turned our heads to primary colors as some of our friends were interested in mixing colors. We brought the idea of primary colors on the table and what other colors we can get when we mix them. They made Art using those colors after finishing with the experiment. We used shaving cream to see the effects of the colors, and getting messy was the fun part for them.

Color day

Next Friday we will be wearing the color Yellow chosen by the Infants class!


We are also happy to remind you that our second family day will be on March 7th from 11:00 am- 2:00 pm. Everyone is excited to spend the day with you all and show you our new centers and share with you what we have been learning! You can bring a snack to share, and we will be providing drinks! Hope to see you all!

Our works in pictures!

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