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Toddlers February Update

Dear Parents,

The month of February has been eventful for the toddlers' group. We made some new friends and we moved into our new class at the beginning of the month.

We had fun small group activities for the children that the children have enjoyed so much. Just as a reminder, some of the activities we had this month so far were Playdough for language and literacy Sink and Float for science, Music, Dance with Dawit, and identifying colors for math.

Our main focus for the month was colors and sorting into groups. We started our math activity by trying to see if the children could differentiate the three primary colors (Red, Yellow, and Blue) using colored bears and name them. They were taking turns calling the colors they saw in their caregiver’s hands. Following that, we had three cups for the children so that they can collect the similarly colored bears in one cup.

And for Art, we started the month by exploring with making paper collages using the three primary colors on a white paper, which the children enjoyed. The thing they enjoyed the most was painting the glue using brushes on the paper. Since they enjoyed painting the glue, the next step we took was to have a painting activity using the three primary colors. When we started the activity, the children were using brushes, but towards the end, they started using their hands.

Another wonderful thing that happened this month was our school trip to Zoma Museum. The children had a fun time going around the campus, looking at cows, chickens, and turtles in their house. Other than that, the highlight of the day was the time they had playing on the amazing large green area. They were rolling around, jumping, running, and some were lying down on the grass. If you like to have pictures of our trip send a flash next week.

New center!

We are happy to announce the creation of our new center called the invention center. Students will have the opportunity to come and convert their ideas into reality. The center was developed by the students and will completely continue to run according to their opinions. We decided to move the cars and trucks center outside by the ramp area and replaced the invention center where the cars and trucks center used to be.

Next week’s color of the week is yellow, which was hand picked by the infants and toddlers.


We are also happy to remind you that our second family day will be on March 7th from 11:00 am- 2:00 pm. Everyone is excited to spend the day with you all and show you our new centers and share with you what we have been learning! You can bring a snack to share, and we will be providing drinks! Hope to see you all!

Have a nice weekend!!!


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