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Preschool February Update

Dear Parents,

At the beginning of the school year, we communicated every week by sending out an email to update you on how our week went by. But in the last week of the month, we send out a monthly review on our website to summarize our learning journey.

February was very eventful for the kids. We organized our first school trip to Zoma Museum, which turned out to be the highlight of the month.

Here are some pictures.

We are happy to remind you that our second family day will be on March 7th from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. Everyone is excited to spend the day with you all and show you our new centers and share with you what we have been learning! You can bring a snack to share, and we will be providing drinks! Hope to see you all!

This Fridays color is Yellow. The toddlers group selected it.

February Large Groups

Our class loved circle time. In our circle time, the kids enjoyed sharing ideas with their friends, read books, Dance to music, discuss different issues on the message board, days of the week, and played games.

Literacy - we continued our zoo phonics explorations throughout the month. For our new friends that joined us, they got a chance to meet our zoo-phonic friends and explored their sounds and what each letter looked like! We, later on, changed the lesson into a guessing game where each student had to name the letter after hearing the sound.

Math – this month, we took our time to explore counting numbers and values they represent. These activities will help the students to understand number value and create an association between number and values. To help strengthen these skills, we also took time in our large group to solve counting problems, we played counting games and read different counting books. The other maths area we tried to cover was patterns. We spend two different small groups to explore in-depth about patterns. Iliana, Zak, Aria, Elva, Clémence, Susu, and Nathaniel were trying to create their unique designs. While Isaac, Ethan, Victor, Sana, and Hatcher were exploring what patterns are, and with the help of the teacher, they created a few patterns.

Science – our science Explorations was all about Colors. We tried to find out what primary colors are, what are secondary colors, and what are mixtures of primary colors. The kids experimented, predicted, and drew conclusions while mixing these primary colors.

Have a great week!

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