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Another Fun Week In Our Pre -K!

Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful and exciting week as always! Hope you enjoyed your week as well. We have been doing different fun and educational activities. This week we welcomed a new friend named En-Yi.

Quick Reminder!

Next week school will be closed for teacher's training from October 16- 20 (Monday – Friday).

Our large group

We enjoyed our large group session a lot! We did our circle time center, read our favorite books, counted our caterpillar, did our message board, and sang different songs. The children were interested in singing “Down by the bay”. Ruut said “It’s a funny song!” We also discussed about our classroom rules such as being respectful to each other, using ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ in our conversations, how we play nicely together and sharing our toys to each other. It went very well!

Our small group

Music and Movement

What a relaxing time it was! We used various musical instruments like drum, maracas, tambourine, wrist bell, clapper, and xylophone. First, we let our children choose their favorite musical instrument and then songs that they want to play with the instruments. ‘Wheels on the bus’, ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’, ‘The ants go marching’ and ‘Elephants have wrinkles’ were the songs that our class chose. We really enjoyed the session!

On this week’s Math class, we did number recognition. We gave out worksheets to each child that had numbers to be matched. Then they shaded the matching numbers with a color of their choice. Everyone was so interested and motivated to find all the numbers. Our kids also enjoyed sharing colors with one another.


Journals allow children to revisit past thinking, add new learning and create a permanent record of their growth over time. Our class love doing Journals! For this week also they draw what they did in the weekend and their favorite things. At the end of the session everyone shared their stories turn by turn.


One of our students’ favorite class is Library! As we have various story books which are delighting and engaging, our children love this session a lot! We discussed on some of our library rules before we went to our library room. After they read different books that they chose, we also let them choose books to take home and read for a week. It was a wonderful time!

Our specialArt

For this week’s Art session, we tried to paint leaves on a tree branch by using bundles of cotton buds. The children mixed different colors and dipped the cotton buds into paint to make the leaves. They all loved it and called it ‘Rainbow tree!’

Our activities after the fall break:

Monday – Cooperative game (with musical instruments)

Tuesday - Literacy (Zoo phonics)

Wednesday – Math (Number recognition and tracing)

Thursday- Library

Friday – Science (Healthy and unhealthy foods)

Our specials

Wednesday – Gymnastic

Thursday - Library

Friday – Art


  • As it is a sunny season, please send your child with a hat and sunscreen.

  • Every Thursday, we have library so please don’t forget to send the kids with their library folders.

  • Every Friday, we have Art so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Have a lovely Weekend!


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