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Greetings Dear Little Einstein’s Families!

Hope this Blog finds you well!! This week was a fun -filled week that we have spent it with such a fun activity with friends!!

Quick reminder we will have our spring break the coming week starting from Monday, March 6th till March 10th. And the school will resume on March 13th.

What have we been up to this week?

● Cooperative game

● Pottery

● Science

● Art

Cooperative Game

A big empty box is a great starting point for creative and imaginative play. Children can decide how to change the box into something they can use for play. Then they can use their imagination and problem-solving skills to turn ideas into reality. Based on this we give our kids an empty box with a hole in the middle and a ball that they can roll it around. This play provides multiple benefits across many areas of development, including hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, grasping skills and balance. Our kids were playing the game with excitement. They all were using their own methods to roll the ball and pass it through the hole. But some of them were a bit angry because they miss the hole lots of time thus, we have observed that they were trying their best to pass the ball through the hole. That was such a good game that the kids liked.


This class gives our children the opportunity to pinch and roll with their hands and thereby improves their motor skills. Working with clay also helps to improve the child’s penmanship. The hand-eye coordination skills learnt in pottery class can result in better handwriting and hence have a positive impact on schoolwork. We have met a new teacher Asnake that can lead and teach as about pottery (clay). We were given a clay and a metal table to roll the clay and mold different shapes that we want to. Playing with the clay makes the kids happy and kept them busy by making different shapes with it.

“Look at my Dinosaur."

"Big Donuts"

"My Giraffe is big”

"This is my friend Maki."


Making wooden projects is a good idea for kids to build their imagination. These projects help our kids learn how to build and create while working with their hands. This helps them gain a better understanding of their surroundings and help them how to recycle materials. We provide wood, plastic led, buttons feathers, glitter, different paints, crayons and many more. By having this all, we discussed what to make with this. They come up with such an incredible idea.

"Let's make house.”

“By Putting the button on big led we can make eyes.”

"Let's paint the sparkly glitter on it.”

"Let's write with a crayon on the wood.”


After having an interesting discussion, we have agreed to make an owl. We start to paint it and decor it with the materials that we have. The whole project showed us how we all worked on teamwork. Finally we come up with a beautiful and colorful owl that we all loved.

Preschool and Early Preschool Explorations schedule after the break

For Preschool

● Monday - Cooperative Game

● Tuesday -Literacy

● Wednesday – Science

● Thursday – Math

● Friday – Library


● Tuesday – Music

● Wednesday – Art

For Early Preschool

● Monday –Cooperative Games

● Tuesday-Literacy

● Wednesday – Science

● Thursday –Library

● Friday – Math


● Monday - Music

● Friday – Art


● The weather is changing so don’t forget to put a hat and sunscreen in your child’s bag.

● On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

● Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library Day.

Have a wonderful break!!

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