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Greeting Dear parents,

Happy Holidays for those of you celebrating Easter!

Hope you had a wonderful week, we also had fun and enjoyed learning! We are excited to let you know that this week we started exploring with mud with Mr. Asnake in the new developed mud center! The children were happy, they try to make it flat, and they say "Pizza" and, they made a ball and they said "coffee."

What we did this week.

We introduced a new happy face doll to our children to teach them waiting for a turn. If they want to play with dolly they wait or say two minutes, then share after 2 minutes. They learned how they can ask if they want to play with ‘Happy face dolly’. We sang our familiar song and we read a book titled ‘Bedtime Ted’ and ‘At the Park’.

Our small Group

Music: (exploring with musical instruments), our exploration with musical instruments was fun. The children chose their own musical instruments then we turn on the music for them to listen to. They were very busy shaking the shakers, playing piano, playing xylophone and guitar.

In our art session we painted on a bamboo. After observing our children being so interested in collecting sticks from our compound and storing it in their cubbies, our art teacher and class team teachers we came up with an activity to take the children’s interest and took it to the next level and worked on an art piece that involves bamboos and paint! The children painted on the bamboo and make their beautiful art on bamboo.

Science; was all about color experiment on rice. First, we discussed about the material that we have and then what we want to work with. We gave them paint and rice for each, the children choose their own color and mix it. We talked about the change of rice, when they see the colors changing, they named the color, red, blue yellow and so on.

Math; in our math day we recalled about triangle, circle, square shapes but this time we tried to challenge them to name those shapes and we add one more shape rectangle.

Small group

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Language

Friday – Gymnastic

Special days

Art: Tuesday

Library: Wednesday

Work time

Our work time for this week and next week will be

Car and tracks center

Blocks center

Dramatic center

Sand box

Maker space


· Every Tuesdays, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate


· Every Wednesdays is our Library Day, so we will be sending a folder with a book your

child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.


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