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Dear parents,

We had a wonderful week altogether! The opening of the sandbox makes our week exciting and wonderful! The playground is an exciting platform for all our children to engage with innovative early childhood content through exploration and play! In the other hand we discovered that reading outside is much more interesting!

Some of the things we did this week include.

• Our large groups were full of energy. All the kids fully have understood the class routines and expectations. Seeing the kids directing their energy to these expectations and routines is a great thing to see. Every morning we sing song that is chosen by the Kids, and we have been reading a book titled 'Elephant takes a turn’.

For our Literacy In our zoo-phonics exploration, we worked on 5 letters Aa,Bb,Cc,Dd,Ee,Ff,Gg. We talked about the sounds they make, the zoo animal stories, and what shape makes those letters. Additionally, we tried to color different word pictures that start with the alphabet Aa.

For Mathematics we did a worksheet about the shapes: Rectangle, Square and Triangle that we explored in our last session. All friends were interested to hunt things that have these shapes in their classroom!

Music and movement is our team's favorite session! All our friends explored the musical instruments they preferred to play and explained the ways to play it. Plus, we sang the song ‘I'm a music man' with our own class dance routine!

On our special day we had been discussing about friendship, who our friends are and what friendship means!

Here is what some of them shared with us!

“My friend is my nanny Tigereda and my brother.”

“My friend is my little brother.”

“I have a best friend is name is Nati and also my sister Heran.”

“Humm my brother David is my friend; I think he is 10 or something he goes to another school.”

Finally, we made our friendship circle by using handprint, all friends clearly had a blast!

For science-our main topic through these two months is ‘All About Me’ thus we were discussing how we sense our world! Our little friends tried to explain about their sense organs!

One friend from our small group explained “I have two eyes and I can see you” “You know what Abeba last day I tasted sour mango with my tongue”.

Tasks to do at home

  • A book chosen by the kids is sent home so that parents are supposed to read and discuss about the book.

  • Try to ask your child to talk about his/her day at school.

  • Try to ask your child to talk about the activities subjects he/she likes the most.

Our plans for the next week

  • Monday-Literacy

  • Tuesday – Mathematics

  • Wednesday-Musical Movement

  • Thursday-Journal and Art

  • Friday-Science and Library

Thank you!

Keep in touch all the time with us!


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