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Dear parents,

We are thrilled to be back to school! Everyone was so excited to share to the class how they spent the spring break!

Friendly reminder Saturday, March 25th we will our second family day!

“I was doing my football training very well”

“I visited my grandma and celebrated my mom’s birthday in Chinese restaurant”

“I played with my dad, my little brother a lot’’

“I went to the friendship park, surprisingly I met my friends Kevin and Frankie”

What we did this week?

Large group

Discussing about different things like about football, robots, our nights, what we have for breakfast and so on is what we do in our large group.Such Conversation helps children express their thoughts, get what they need, resolve conflicts, ask for help, and learn from adults and from one another.

Calendar: March is becoming the favorite month for our little friends; they tell us about the month without even our help and they start to spell it well. As usual, we did our calendar and that include the month, date, day, and year.

Caterpillar: 126 happy and joyful days in the school!! It has been pleasant, and we are sure the coming days will be even more exciting. Our hungry caterpillar grows so fast it has 126 tails so far.

What did we do in our small group sessions?

On the first Monday, since our little friends were back after one week break, we

thought it would be great to discuss how they spend their time and then we did

just a revision on blending words with middle letter “a” like mat, bat, hat, rat, cat, vat and sat.

On the second day Tuesday, Mathematics activity was done. We started discussing about addition. The kindergarten friends were practicing adding using cards where the pre-K friends were exploring the concept of adding using blocks. All the kids were engaged in the activity well.

On the third day Wednesday, our football training took place for about 45 minutes. We were kicking and controlling the ball. At the same time, we were practicing how to pass a ball to a friend.

On the fourth day Thursday, we did Expressing our ideas, imagination and

something happened in our life on our Journal book.

“This is me playing with my little brother”

“I drew rainbow with different colors”

“here are my friends having playgroup!”

On the fifth day, Science was all about gardening and plants.As we were planting and watering the plants,we continued discussing about what plants need to grow by doing a worksheet.Both the pre-K and kindergarten friends did a worksheet that has the instruction to cut and paste the things that plants need to grow like pictures of soil,water,sunshine and air.Through this activity, our little friends can develop their fine motor skills beside identifying the needs of plants.

Pre K and Kindergarten

  • Monday - Literacy

  • Tuesday Mathematics

  • Wednesday –Football training sessions 4

  • Thursday – Journal

  • Friday Science


  • Monday-gymnastics

  • Tuesday -Dance training

  • Wednesday- clay crafts

  • Thursday– Art

  • Friday -library


  • Since we’re having Football training, we need to have the professional sport wear so Can you please send the kids with sport wear? Thank you!

Wish you to have an enjoyable weekend!


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