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Greeting Parents,

Our week was fun-filled and wonderful! We hope yours went well too. Even though the week is rainy and a bit cold, the love, the hug, the physical activity we do, the happiness we share made our time as warm as sunny day. And we enjoy the weather as well!


Large group

Our large group was as fun as usual educational too! We explore numbers while feeding our caterpillar and making calendar and plus we read the months and days.

Message board is fun and such an important part of our day! We do attendance by writing our name, read our sight words and answer the question of the day.

Small group

Literacy Monday

We planned to do writing activity, but our children changed the plan into music and movement. Since our children stayed at home for three days, they were not ready to do the writing activity rather they preferred to dance and listened to music.

We chose our favorite songs like the floor is lava, freeze, and the sight word song. While listening to the sight word music, we were reading the sight words in the song like at, an, the, this and that. We enjoyed and read sight words together!

Mathematics Tuesday

We kept working on the measurement words more and less. We used to unifix cubes to measure the height of our hand. First, we printed our hand using pencil and put the unfix on it to measure finally we started compering our hands.

“My hand is 10 and yours is 12”.

“Ten is less than twelve”.

“Eliab’s hand is 13 blocks and Siifen's is 9”.

Football Wednesday

Our foot ball training was done nicely! The Red and Blue teams were playing well! All our little friends had blast playing football!

Journal Thursday

We have observed our group developed their drawing skills from scribbling to adding more details. Their imagination and the way they interpret their surroundings is very interesting to see. Our little friends shared their stories happily!

Work time


We love gymnastics! Our little friends become so flexible and very strong gymnasts! Here are some pictures!

Exploring mud

Our little friends love exploring mud! They all sit calmly and create things they in their mind with the mud. Some like to make cars, monsters, houses, and some animals.


  • We seem to have rainy days quite often than expected. We kindly ask you to send your child with rainy day outfits so we can make the most out of our time at school.

  • On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

  • Don’t forget to return Library folders every Friday.

Pre K and Kindergarten Explorations schedule

  • Monday - Literacy

  • Tuesday Mathematics

  • Wednesday –Football training sessions 9

  • Thursday – Journal

  • Friday Social Science


  • Monday-gymnastics

  • Wednesday- clay crafts

  • Thursday– Art

  • Friday -library

Have a wonderful week!

The pre-K and kindergarten team!


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