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Dear parents,

Such amazing week we had! Due to Spring break, school will be closed from 6th-10th of March.

Large group

Large group was fun while we sing ‘Stand up and sit down’ and ‘The floor is lava’. The kids enjoy doing the body movements and singing the songs. At circle time we are happy to see how the kids feel comfortable to share their ideas and talk about it at circle time and our main issues to discuss were about our plans for the spring break, how our nights went, what we eat for breakfast. Reading books also was one of our favorite activities.

The Small group

This week’s small group activity includes. Literacy, Math , Football Training and Science.


In literacy we kept practicing reading and the change we have observed in our little amazing friends is remarkable! We have had three groups that do the reading activities. Group one (Pre-K 1) is the group of our new friends who practice the zoo-phonics, they were saying the sound of the letters with their story and the group two (Pre-K 2) is the kids who started blending words, blending words that have middle letter ‘e’ (bed, let, met, pet, wet) and sticking them on a white paper was the activity done by the second group where the kindergarten friends were identifying and reading the words starting with (cl, fl , sl) by doing a worksheet.


Our Mathematics class activity was doing worksheet about shapes. After discussing and exploring shapes in our last sessions, we did worksheet for more exploration of identifying shapes. The pre-k friends did a worksheet about cutting and pasting shapes like square, rectangle, triangle and circles and the kindergarten kids’ worksheet was about identifying the hexagon and pentagon shapes.

Football training

The second session of training Football with our coach Biruhe went as successful as the first session. We practiced how to pass a ball to one another and scoring a goal from the penalty point. All our diehard fan of football kids were really engaged and doing their best!

Science (Gardening)

What do plants need to grow? Was the question discussed in our science session. We did a worksheet about it because the pictures on the worksheet can help us to explore their needs. We didn’t also forget to water the plants in our garden!

“plants need water”

“They need air”


“how about watering can”

“if they didn’t get water, they will die”

“I think we forget to say sunshine”


Introducing clay to young children provides multiple outlets for their individual ideas, feelings, and developmental skills. For young children, clay holds no preconceived ideas as to what it is or how it is supposed to be used. Children will show many parts of themselves through clay experiences. On Wednesday’s work-time, we explored clay crafts with our new teacher Asnake! We all were excited to touch the clay and feel the texture plus we tried to create different clay crafts like making Volcano, teacups, cars, coffee pot, snake and so on. We loved it!

Pre-K and Kindergarten Explorations schedule after the spring break.

· Monday - Literacy

· Tuesday Mathematics

· Wednesday –Football training sessions 3

· Thursday – Journal

· Friday Science


· Monday-gymnastics

· Wednesday- clay crafts

· Thursday– Art

· Friday -library


·Since we’re having Football training, we need to have the professional sport kit so Can you please send the kids with sport kit? Thank you!

Wish you to have an enjoyable Spring break!

The pre-K and kindergarten team!


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