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Dear parents,

We share love, happiness, and memorable moments this week as always! All our friends were excited to be back to school!

We are happy to remind you that the first family will be on November 26th from 9am to 4pm. We are really excited to spend the day with you all! This year’s family day is themed international day! Little Einstein has a family from all over the world, more than 15 nationalities in our community. We would like to celebrate each other as we come as one community. Please bring a plate to share (a delicacy from your country if there is) and please be dressed in your cultural attire if there is. And let’s get together and celebrate each other!

  • Large group session

We were talking about what we did in our fall break! All of us were happy about our

break rather than missing our school and friends!

Here are some of the things we did

“I was practicing my piano well”

“I played with all my friends at home”

“I helped my mom”

“I was in Sudan having good time with my families”

“My mom gave birth to a baby boy, and I’m really excited to have him!”

We observed that there was a bit miscommunication about sharing playing tools,

listening to each other, and respecting our friends, willing to help each other so we

made our classroom agreement together! We all promised to listen to each other,

respect each other, share, and speak politely! And put our sign on the paper to show we agreed to act based on our promises! All kids were curious about their promises, and they were trying to remind each other!

Small group session


We revised all our zoo-phonics by sticking them on the board reading them correctly, on Monday the Pre-K were exploring writing Aa using different materials like blocks and beads. All friends wrote the letter Aa then they were happy to say it loudly!

“This is the letter A”

“Oh! I got the letter A”

“Letter A has three sides”

The kindergarteners started exploring vowel and consonants letters. We discussed how the vowel (a, e , i o, u) letters make two sounds.

Ape/apple. In/ice-cream unicorn/under

Elephant/eat On/orange


We discussed about the concept of Adding. The perk was solving questions related to addition and learning to read sentences of addition was done by the kindergarten.

Obstacle course

The first part of the obstacle course was hoping on three hoopla hoops and then sitting on a chair. Two kids were assigned at once. This was fun, but hopping was a little bit challenging for some friends! We all had a blast!


Our Journal session was fun, we let our friends express any stories they have in their mind! Surprisingly our friends were interested in drawing all about their family!

“This is my mom, dad, little brother and me eating together”

“This is an airplane flying to Canada, you know all my families and me are in the plane”

“We have a big house like this, and this is me and my big brother walking to home”


Art is one of our favorite classes! In this week, we continued working on our abstract paints we started before the fall break. We put eyes, hands, and legs on the dried paint. We discovered silly, funny and scary face!


As continuation of the theme ALL ABOUT ME, we were reading a book about FAMILY! Its tittle is WHAT IS FAMILY? All our friends were interested in talking about family!

‘family means being together’

‘family means parent,

‘family means mom and dad

‘family means mom, dad, brother, sister and good friends’


We have got another interesting session that is gymnastics! Gymnastics classes are

perfect for young children because they develop strength, coordination, flexibility,

balance, cognitive development and social emotional learning during children’s most

critical times while they are growing up!

All friends love the gymnastics! Every Monday, we explore different kinds of

gymnastics like flipping backwards and forwards, walking on hands and so on.

Exploration for next week

· Monday – Literacy

· Tuesday –Mathematics

· Wednesday – Music and movement

· Thursday – Journal

· Friday – Science





Friendly Reminder

1.Starting from Monday we are planning to make a family corner in our classroom so please send some family pictures! You can also include Grand parents or any other family member.

2.On the coming Wednesday, we plan to have water fun together. Don't forget to pack extra clothes.


·The weather is changing so don’t forget to put a hat and sunscreen in your child’s bag.

· On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

· Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library days.

Have a wonderful week!


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