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Hello dear parents,

Having a wonderful and memorable times together is our daily routines!

We want to happily let you know that we have chosen WEDNESDAYS to be our fruits for snack day! Please be informed that the school will be providing fruits for snacks every Wednesdays from now on. So far, we are thinking of watermelons’ Apples, Strawberries, and Papaya. Observing how our students like the above-mentioned fruits we will take out or add more.

This week’s large group

We have been exploring numbers through feeding our Hungry Caterpillar, writing our name on the message, reading our sight words (now, long, at, more) and mostly we were improving our communication skill by taking turns to talk about our night and breakfast.

Tuesday was very memorable day because we celebrated LOVE and friendship day. We celebrated valentine with our little friends by discussing about LOVE and making beautiful cards to our loved once. Our friends were busy making the cards beautiful to give to their friends, parents, and teachers.

“I will give this card for my mom and surprise her.”

“I want to make four cards for my little brother Lumo.”

“This card is for my friend Eliab.”

“I’m going to make cards for all my families.”

This week’s small group


We had Literacy. We start changing letters into words and practice reading. Some new friends in PreK are exploring the zoo-phonics and some are practicing blending words. The kindergarten friends were practicing writing as well as reading. We posted some easy words on the board and wrote different letters in the other part of the board then we asked them to circle the letters forming the word and write them back. Through doing this activity, we discussed the meaning of the words and how meaningful words are created by blending words. It was an engaging activity.


Learning shapes not only helps children to identify and recognize visual information it helps them learn skills in other curricular area including Reading, Math and Science. In our Mathematics session, we had activities about shapes. The Pre-K friends were making different shapes circle, square, rectangle and triangle using yarn and glue. Likewise, the kindergarten friends were discussing and cutting the shapes hexagon and pentagon. The kindergarten kids were drawing the hexagon and pentagon shapes and cutting out them through this step we were counting the sides and angles.


We were having a game called ‘Cone Ring Toss’ it was all about identifying and matching colors using cones and colored garments. All friends were taking turn to match the colors by throwing circle plastic to the cone. It was exciting activities. All little friends were participating actively.


We did our Journal session. All friends drew their idea on their journal book and shared it to the class.

Art special

After exploring painting on different papers for a long time, we start making arts on canvas. We collected many different leaves found all around the school compound and took them all to the Art studio and then we painted them with green and yellow paint and printed them on a big black canvas. The children loved the different effects they could make with the spiky top and really explored different ways of using them. They had such fun with it and they asked if we could do it again the next day!


Our science session was all about Volcano eruption! After taking long time to do our Volcano project, we completed it by making the Volcano experimentation using coca- cola. We shake the soda too hard and opened it finally blast out! All the children were happy to see it!

“Oh my God the Volcano erupts”.

“Our Volcano is erupting”

“Hey guys let’s run; the Volcano is erupting”


“I don’t believe; it looks like the real Volcano”.


Gardening is healthy and fun activity for children. They develop new skills and learn science from growing their own food. There is a variety of interesting activities. Children can be involved in, such as planting, digging, weeding and so on!

We started Gardening in our school compound by planting different herbs and discussed about the importance of herbs. We also met our school gardener ‘Gashaw’ and asked some questions about the whole process of gardening. We worked on Herbs so this Friday we planted, Peppermint, Rue, Rosemary, Thyme and Ocimum Lamiifolium (Damakese) All our friends were super-duper excited to plant the herbs and did a wonderful job too! We also discussed about who to take care of our herb garden from now on and took the responsibility to water and weed our herbs. The children are super excited to start their gardening journey with these herbs and as the coming weeks we will be doing more on our upcoming gardening beds. Stay tuned!!!

Pre k and kindergarten Explorations schedule

● Monday –Literacy

● Tuesday-Mathematics

● Wednesday – music and movement

● Thursday –Journal

● Friday – Science


● Monday-gymnastic

● Thursday-Art

· Friday-Library

Have a wonderful weekend!


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