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Weekly Blog for Early Pre-School and PreSchool

Dear parents,

We had fun and exciting week; the children were learning fun ways to share. We all like to say welcometo Leul, a new friend that just joined the early preschool class this week.

On another note, one of our friends, Alisa brought chocolates to share in celebration of the Ethiopian New year!! Thank you, Alisa! We also like to say thank you to Gabriella’s parents for donating children’s book (based on true story) about the first African female pilot, Mrs. Muluemebet Tamiru, also known as Gabriella’s grandmother!!

We are happy to say that our class is growing in number, we have more friends by the day, on that notes we have decided to split the two classes. To adjust our class ratio, we are splitting the two class: Early preschool and Pre School class. Our daily schedules, explorations and plannings are the same but we have moved the early preschools to another class. We have some shifts on our special class schedules like Art, Library and Music and Movement.


- We have planned to celebrate Meskel by singing the tradition song of Ethiopia ÁBEBAYHUSH’and making a bonfire on 26th of September so that through out the coming week we are going to practice it together.

- School will be half day on September 26th

- School will be closed on September 27th

- We invite all dear parents to join our celebration of the bonfire (DEMERA) on September 26th at 11:00 o’clock!

What did we do this week?

This week for large group,

We start our large group by singing the ‘Good Morning’ song and other enjoyable songs like ‘Five little monkeys’, ‘Down by the bear’, ‘I like to move it, and we read a book titled ‘That is (not) mine’.

Story time: This week’s book is titled. That is (not) mine, while reading the book, we encourage the children to look at the pictures, and share their own ideas about what the stories could be about.

For a small group we had cooperative games, science, literacy, math, and library.

Cooperative game day, we were having a game passing the ball to our friends. The game goes like this, we must say please to get the ball and thank you when we get it. We learn so much about sharing and even learn the two magic words ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. Sharing is happiness!

For literacy we had the zoo phonics animals joining us! We started the session by revising the letter a, b, c, d, e and f. We went through the actions and the sounds of the alphabet. We were searching for names of our friends that start with the letters we were exploring with.

During our science activity, we worked on our sense organs. This week’s topic was our sense of smell, For this activity we used different fruits like banana, orange and lemon inside the cup and it was all cover so we all were sniffing and were curious to know what was inside.

In our math activity we had a fun activity on counting numbers. During our activity we prepared different materials that the children could count, these materials were balls, dinosaurs, and flash cards.

Our art activity was all about working on our fine motor skills and eye to hand coordination by practicing how to use our scissors. We were cutting out papers by following the line that was drawn in the paper it was challenging for some of the children to hold the scissors well, but we all tried our best to use our scissors properly.

Library Day! We talked about the rules we follow while exploring with books, the children came up with some wonderful rules. Some of the rules the children came up with are, no cutting books, Share books and no drawing on the books. After coming up with rules we read one book together as a group that the children enjoyed.

Next week Exploraions

For Preschool

Monday - Cooperative Games

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Library


Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Art

For Early Preschool

Monday –Cooperative Games

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday –Library

Friday – Math


Monday - Music

Friday – Art


● As it might be raining, please send the children with raincoats and boats

● On our art day try to send the children with art friendly clothing

● Don’t forget to return library folders on your child’s library days.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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